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Easter 2023

St Patrick’s, Kiltegan: After the darkness of winter, spring is here at last. Spring means, among other things, that Easter is not too far away! While nature is “springing” to new life, we await the new life of Easter. There are signs of new and fresh life all around us. It does your heart good to see signs of new life and fresh growth in God’s creation.

God brings creation alive in this part of the world at this time of the year. God, also, brings new life and hope to us at Easter. We have been through a lot over the past few years. God took care of us in the past, He will take care of us now. Easter teaches us that God is the One in charge, that God has the last word. As each new day begins, we remember that God has raised Jesus from the dead and He gives life, hope, and help to all who believe in Him. We place all that happens to us in God’s hands, knowing that God is interested in all that goes on in our lives. We can, therefore, look to the future with confidence.

From today, Holy Thursday, to Easter Sunday, we will remember your special intentions in all the ceremonies of these sacred days. Your special intentions are presented before God here in St Patrick's Chapel during the ceremonies of Holy Week.

We pray that this Easter will be a time of hope, joy and energy for you and your family.


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