Slí Sophia

Counselling Centre

Slí Sophia, Slí an Chroí, St Patrick's, Kiltegan,

Co Wicklow

If you need to contact a counsellor please contact by text message and a counsellor will get back to you as soon as they are free. 

Our counsellors…

Thinking Man on Couch

Martina Kennedy


With many years of experience, Martina offers general counselling covering relationship issues, awareness and self-development.

Tel: 087 6269810

Sunset in the Nature

Mary Cole

Loss through suicide

Works with issues of depression, loss and grief, especially through suicide. Anxiety and relationships. Available afternoons and evenings.

Tel: 087 9374549


Debra Friel

A safe place to be you…

Creates a safe space to be you and caters for the individual needs of each person. Discovering and uncovering the potential for a more abundant life, free of the blocks and burdens which leave us stuck.

Tel: 087 6711143


Tom Dalton

Counselling psychologist

A counselling psychologist with thirty years experience. Tom has a particular interest in the area of stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, and mind/body/spirit health. 

Tel: 087 1333562



Couple Leaning Against Reel

Cathy O'Toole

Journeying with young people

Works with issues of depression, anxiety, anger management, and relationship issues. Has been journeying with young people for years.

Tel: 087 2987833

Group of Friends

Annette McDonnell

Children, Teenagers and Young Adults

Connecting with children, teenagers and young adults who encounter diverse and challenging difficulties in the transitions of their lives. Annette integrates theory with practice, including art, sand, stone and play.

Tel: 087 7726399

Business Meeting

Sue Shipp

Social Skills and couples counselling

Works with anger management, depression, abuse, anxiety/panic, bereavement, work issues, low self-esteem, personal development, social skills and couple counselling.

Tel: 087 7787352


Seamus Whitney


Facilitates people to befriend their story, acknowledging their fears, pain and shame. To become aware of our conditioning and the unconscious in our lives, and deep desire to be free.  

Tel: 086 1225198

Is there anybody there?
It’s all in my story.
Counselling is about “telling my story”

in a secure and gentle space, where it will be heard and respected.

People often say
“Why drag up the past?”
Yes my memories go back years but I am enmeshed in my subconscious
and so much of my life is

lived out of my subconscious.
I react and am triggered by 
past negative experiences which I may have suppressed.

Not to attend to trauma
often leads to addictions.

Unnamed Loss and Grief
may well be the source of depression.

A major issue in many peoples' lives is that of shame which is a deep (unconscious) feeling that
I am fundamentally inadequate. Our inferiority complex.

There is somebody here who will l
isten and understand and help to lead towards self-awareness.

This can light up the dark places and direct you to an easier path, a lighter burden and a more fulfilling life.