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The Republic of Cameroon lies immediately to the east of Nigeria and a little north of the equator. It was colonized by Germany and later was divided between France and Great Britain. It gained independence from France in 1960 and from Great Britain in 1961. The population is about 20 million.

St Patrick’s Missionaries in Cameroon

St Patrick’s Missionaries responded to a request from the Archbishop of Bamenda in the Anglophone north-west of the country, across the border from Nigeria. The first St Patrick’s missionaries arrived in Jan 1989. They were Fathers Rory O’Brien, Dermot Nolan, Michael Bennett and Victor Dunne. St Patrick’s priests have been involved in parish work, education and religious formation.

Break time at St Gabriel’s College, Bafmeng.

Sport’s Day at St Gabriel’s College Bafmeng

Fr Brian Byrne

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