Light a candle

Lord you are the light of the world.

May your light guide and comfort us. We ask you to bless this candle, and more importantly bless the person who lit the candle. May these lights serve to remind them of your presence. Light brings comfort, warmth and hope. May this comfort, warmth and hope touch the hearts and lives of those seeking comfort during difficult times.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


All intentions are included in our daily Masses and prayers.

For all those who are ill…

June 26th

I pray for God's light to shine on all those who are ill and remembering a couple, Frank and Joan, especially at this time. Amen.

Martina O'Boyle

For healing…

June 22nd

Please heal my sister Maryanne’s body. She can’t walk as she needs two knee replacement surgeries. She has so many other health problems, we’re going to see if she can get robotic knee surgery instead. Help her to walk even a little bit each day until we can see the doctor. Please let all her tests come back normal. And keep the swelling down on her legs. Thank you.


Kate Leve

For faith and hope…

June 15th

Father Jesus, heal me, deliver me, help me I pray, heal my body and my mind, protect me. Give me faith, hope and life. Amen.

Aaron Michaels

For a speedy recovery…

June 14th

Fr Gerard, thinking of you and praying for a speedy recovery. Amen.


Sharon Kelly

Rest in Peace

June 5th

I am lighting this candle in remembrance of my Mum Rena Phee and Dad John Phee. God bless them both. May they rest in eternal peace.
Maria and David White

Rest in Peace

June 2nd

For my loving mother Lucille Iffla - reunited in heaven with Dad.
God Bless and rest in peace.


Wendy Cameron

Prayer to get well…

May 27th

Helena hope you get better soon.


Eugene McGuinness

Rest In Peace

May 15th

Please remember in your prayers, a friend, Helen Dunese Stewart who sadly passed away recently. Amen.

Yvonne Henry

Anniversary Remembrance

May 15th

For my deceased parents Kitty & Paddy Moran to mark the occasion of my mother's first anniversary. Amen.

Concepta Moran

For strength

May 10th

Please pray for all of the Conlon family - give them the strength to deal with the challenges they are facing in their lives at present. Amen.

Nicky Moriarty

Rest in Peace

May 10th

For Edward Nolan RIP. For my mum on the loss of her Brother Teddy, give her comfort to know he is at peace now. Amen.

Julie McGough Sheils

A candle and prayer…

May 2nd

Praying that the next few months go well for C. xx


Mairin Farrell

A candle and prayer…

April 21st

For Joe McGrotty.


Tracy Oates

For Helen Brown RIP

April 16th

St Patrick pray for the repose of the soul of Helen Brown & comfort her family during this very sad time.

Jim, Elizabeth & Family

For strength and blessings…

April 15th

For Bernie Gray, May God cease her pain and increase her strength. May blessings, love & joy surround her. Amen.


May McFadden

A candle and prayer…

April 15th

For the Carolan Family


Bridie Carolan

Prayer to St Patrick

April 14th

Dear St Patrick, 
Please ask Jesus to pour many blessings upon my sister Canice during the Easter season. Dear St Patrick please ask Jesus to grant my sister Canice good health both in mind and body during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. 
Dear St Patrick please answer my prayers requested in accordance with God's grace and providence. Amen. 

Mary Dennett

For strength, healing and blessings…

April 13th

Our uncle Reggie, our late Mum's brother, who has lung cancer, for his partner who also has cancer. For our uncle Danny who had a stroke, our late Dad's brother, our cousin John who has cancer and for our sister-in-law Teresa who has cancer. God and Our Blessed Lady be their guiding light, heal, protect and give them strength and be with them and us at this time.
For our neighbour Mrs Kelly who was buried today, a gentle kind and lovely lady. God Bless her husband, son, daughter in-law, granddaughter and brother. Give them strength during this very sad time.


Christina McLarnon

Easter Blessings

April 11th

Dear St Patrick, 
Please ask Jesus to pour an Easter blessing upon my mum Eileen Galligan so that she can live a happy, healthy and holy life. Dear Jesus please grant my mum Eileen good health both in mind and body during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Amen. 

Mary Dennett

Prayer to St Patrick

April 11th

Dear St Patrick, 
Please ask Jesus to pour many blessings upon Mary and Gary during the Easter season. Dear Jesus please bless us with good health both in mind and body so that we can live happy, healthy and holy together. 

Mary and Gary Dennett

Prayer to Divine Mercy

April 10th

Dear Divine Mercy,
Please grant Yvonne good health both in mind and body during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. 
Dear Divine Mercy please pour many blessings upon her during these challenging times. Amen. 

Mary and Gary Dennett.

Prayer to St Patrick…

April 9th

Please grant my husband Gary emotional and physical well being today and throughout the outbreak of the Coronvirus pandemic. Dear St Patrick please pour many blessings upon my husband Gary so that he will live a happy, healthy and holy life with his wife Mary. Amen.


Mary Dennett

Prayer to Divine Mercy…

April 9th

Dear Divine Mercy I totally surrender my life into your loving hands so take care of everything. 



Mary Dennett

Prayers on Friday

April 9th

We invite you to join with us in prayer, wherever you may be in the world, on Friday, April 10th and Friday, April 17th, at 12 noon Kenyan time (10am in Ireland and UK).


We pray the following prayer together:


Almighty and All-loving God,

Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

We pray to you through Christ the Healer

For those who suffer from the Coronavirus Covid-19

In (name your country) and across the world.


We pray too for all who reach out to those who mourn the loss

Of each and every person who has died as a result of contracting the disease.

Give wisdom to policymakers,

Skill to healthcare professionals and researchers,

Comfort to everyone in distress

And a sense of calm to us all in these days of uncertainty and distress.

This we ask in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord

Who showed compassion to the outcast,

Acceptance to the rejected

And love to those to whom no love was shown.



From all in St Patrick’s Missionary Society.

For my mum

April 8th

Please grant my mum Eileen emotional and physical well being during the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic. Dear Jesus and Holy Mother Mary please pour many blessings upon her so that she can live a happy, healthy and holy life with my husband in the company of her family. 

Dear Holy Mother Mary please pray for my mum Eileen during these challenging times. 
Love, Mary Dennett

For Helen Brown

April 8th

We light this candle to celebrate the life of Helen Brown who died on 6th April. Eternal rest grant unto her O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. God bless and support her family during this difficult time. Amen.

Pat & John McCallum

For comfort and strength

April 8th

For Helen Brown, 6th April. May you rest in eternal peace Helen. Lord look over Helen's family and give them comfort and strength. Amen.

From Diane and Bill.

For Helen…

April 7th

Please reunite Helen with her family. Protect and watch over her family at this very sad and difficult time. Especially now that they can’t see and support each other. Amen.

Carole Mulvanny

Rest in Peace

April 7th

May Helen Brown rest in eternal peace and may the Lord give comfort and strength to her family at this difficult time. Amen.

Diane and Bill Hannaway

For Helen…

April 7th

May Helen Brown be reunited with her family in heaven. Our Lady watch over and comfort her family during this sad time. Amen.

From Teresa Rennie.

For family, friends and medical staff…

April 2nd

For all my family and friends. Bless them all and keep them safe from Covid-19. God help all medical staff and hospital staff and bless their good works. Amen.

Veronica Quinn

For the recently deceased and for protection…

April 1st

Lord, take the souls of those who have died of Coronavirus to heaven and comfort their loved ones.
Touch and heal those who are suffering from this virus. Protect the health care workers. Please keep my family safe and healthy. Amen.

Pat Beaton

For Protection

March 30th

Please keep my mother Rose Smith, my uncles Paddy and Jimmy Brazil, aunt Bridie Duffy, aunts and uncle in law Margaret, Nancy and Mikie safe at this strange time. Also my cousin Patricia and her husband Sean, their daughter in law Siobhan and twin boy. Please pray for my brothers James, Sean and Michael and sisters Pauline, Bridie ,Berni and Eilish and all their families and my husband Jack and myself. May God protect us all from corona virus. Amen.

Anne Browne

Rest in Peace

March 30th

Winifred Platt, reunited with her beloved Ray. May they rest in eternal peace.

Sandra Naylor

For family…

March 28th

Please keep my sister-in-law and her family safe from the corona virus. xxx



For my family…

March 24th

Please pray for my family and keep us all safe from this covid 19 virus. Prayers for my sister Regina who is recently widowed and for her husband Thomas Abernethy that he may rest in peace. Also my sister-in-law Marie Sheehan recovering from cancer. O Sacred Heart of Jesus, protect us all. Amen.

Mairead Downey

For protection…

March 24th

Dear Lord and Holy Mother, please bless and protect me and my extended family and friends from the Corona virus and from all danger and harm, especially remembering those of my family who are suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses. Help us to do your Will O Lord, help us to be good, please lead my children and nieces and nephews back to their Catholic faith and to the sacraments. Amen. 

Elizabeth Bardgett