Light a candle

Lord you are the light of the world.

May your light guide and comfort us. We ask you to bless this candle, and more importantly bless the person who lit the candle. May these lights serve to remind them of your presence. Light brings comfort, warmth and hope. May this comfort, warmth and hope touch the hearts and lives of those seeking comfort during difficult times.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.


All intentions are included in our daily Masses and prayers.


In Loving Memory

29th November

In Loving Memory of our Family & Friends, Billy & Rita McNeill, Johnny James & David Goldie, Thomas MCCorrie, Janine Clarkson.

God Bless from John & Lydia


For help with exams

8th November

For my Board Exam to pass.

Fremelyn V Pado


For the Holy Souls

2nd November

November 2nd is the feast of All Souls, when we remember all those who have gone before us ‘marked with the sign of faith’. However, we can say that in the popular faith of the people the whole month of November is a time when we feel a particular closeness to our dead relatives and friends.

Our tradition is to remember them by name and so we have the custom of the ‘dead list’ in many parishes. We write down on paper the names of our loved ones who we wish to be in eternal peace with God. For us in St Patrick’s that practice is especially important, many people send to us the names they wish to be remembered during this month. It is a task that is especially dear to our hearts and which our ‘altar of friends’ reminds us every day.

We write the names of our deceased ones on stone also, on their headstones, as a way to keep their memory alive. And so, we have the beautiful tradition of visiting graveyards at this time of the year also.

All of this is our practical human way of echoing a famous line from one of the prophets in the bible, speaking in God’s name “I have written (carved) your name on the palm of my hand” (Is 49:16). This is our faith.

We remember our Society members who died since last November: Fr Francis McElhatton, Fr JP Bohan, Fr Joe Flynn, Fr Michael Dillon, Fr Paddy O’Reilly, Fr Bill Mauric, Student Edward Opiyo Anam, Fr Con Cronin, Fr Michael Kane, Fr Alphie Byrne, Fr John Lalor, and Fr Tom Browne.

May all the names we recall and those who have no one to remember them be in the palm of God’s hand. May they rest in peace. Amen.

St Patrick's Missionary Society


In Memory…

18th October

Patrick O’Donnell
Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in eternal peace.

Mary Moore


In Memory…

12th October

In memory of Colm who died on 24th June 2021 and for my brother-in-law who is awaiting test results.

Sarah C


In Memory…

6th October

On the anniversary of the death of Lt. Brian P Dunne.

Carmel O'Rourke


A candle and prayers for…

26th September

Clare Dunes


A candle and prayer for…

25th September



Clare Dunes


In Loving Memory

16th September

In loving memory of Catherine & Noel McGuinness.

Jean Geary


For Family and Friends

15th September

I light a candle for all my relatives and friends that lost their loved ones.

Tebogo Matsemela


In Loving Memory

9th September

In loving memory of my father Thomas Burns.

Nikki Burns



8th August

Pray for reunion with family members Dominic and Violet.

Agnelo Rodrigues



8th August

Julius, for motivation, guidance, wisdom and peace of mind.

Agnelo Rodrigues



7th August

Dear Father, Our Blessed Mother & Baby Jesus 

For my Mum, Dad, Sister, Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles & Cousins & neighbours who have passed on. Please take care of them in heaven and let them know I am thinking of them all.

For all family members who are not well especially my Sister-in-law and my Uncle.

For all my family's intentions - hear their prayers.

Lastly for myself. I am praying to have an issue resolved that has been ongoing for a very long time. Please unharden their heart so that the issue may be resolved and that all concerned may benefit.

I promise to come back with Thanks Givings.

Christina McLarnon



1st August

Dear Lord Jesus Christ
We love you so much
In life and you keep us all
Safe and warm in life
And we cherish you in my heart\'s
Every day and night and your the best gift in life
O Lord Jesus Christ we love you every day
And we are all so very grateful for you today
And we embrace your love every day
And your forever in our Heart\'s to stay
Amen Lord Jesus Christ.

David P Carroll



31st July

Keep Jonathan safe please and let things be very easy for him.

Joe Briody


Prayers for Strength

31st July

Prayers for Alison and Carla McMenemy of Paisley, Scotland at this difficult time.

Kirsty McCorkindale


For a speedy recovery

31st July

Prayers please for a speedy and fast recovery for Sean McMenemy aged 33 of Paisley, Scotland.

Kirsty McCorkindale


For Uncle Henry

25th July

For Uncle Henry (Dougherty)
I am the sun, bringing you light, I am the star, shining so bright..... Love & Prayers Vicky, Andy, Michael & Family xxx


In Remembrance

24th June

Prayers on the 3rd anniversary of Harry Pollard, Hacketstown. May he Rest In Peace.

Frances Brennan



23rd  June

For Francis.

Clare Dunes


Prayers for exams

14th June

I want to clear my all the exams all papers at this time immediately successfully I\'m a college student I\'m in end I complete my final semester I wrote my final semester exams and waiting for the results I want to get success in my all subjects I want to pass in My exams Name of the subjects Management accounting, marketing management, Income tax, Human resource management and office management , Institutional training program these are all my subjects I want to clear my all the subjects at this time immediately successfully I want to get my degree successfully after the completion of my degree I want to go higher studies M. COM, MBA, MPHIL, PH.D please bless me Lord to success in my exams as well as my life. 

Dear God thank you for this wonderful day please bless me Lord please help me Lord to success in my exams I want to clear my all the subjects at this time immediately successfully I want to get my degree successfully dear God please forgive me Lord for my all the mistakes my sins and my curses please forgive me my all the bad things and my wrong things please bless me Lord to success in my exams I want to get my degree successfully it\'s my life please bless me Lord to clear my all exams thank you for this wonderful opportunity please bless me Lord to success in my exams in this final semester in the Name of Almighty I Pray Amen.

Purushothaman Cs

Prayer for Strength

Lord, every day I need you,

but especially this day.

I need some extra strength

to face whatever is to come.


This day,

more than any other day,

I need to feel you near me,

to fortify my courage

and to overcome my fear.


By myself I cannot meet

the challenge of the hour.

I need you to sustain me

in all that life may bring.

And so, dear Lord,

hold my trembling hand.

Be with me, Lord this day,

so that I may know

your guiding hand

at work

in everything,

and know

your guiding


with me always.


Prayer in Time of Mourning

Praised be God,

the Father of mercies,

and the God of all consolation.

He comforts us in all our afflictions

and enables us to comfort

those in times of trouble.

Lord Jesus, listen to our prayers.

Look with love on your people

who mourn and pray

for their loved one.


Thank you, Father, for all the blessings

You give us in this life.

Help us to comfort each other until we all meet in Christ to be one with you

and our loved ones,

where there will be no more sorrow,

no more weeping, no more pain,

but only peace and joy

for ever and ever.


Prayers during Exam time

Prayer Before Study

Lord, give me peace

of mind as I study.

Help me focus on my books and notes,

and keep me from all distractions.

Guide me to make the best use

of this time that is available to me.

Help me to understand what I am studying,

and to remember it when the time comes.


Thank you for the ability to be able to study

and for the many gifts

and talents you have given me.

Help me always to use them in

such a way that they honour you

and do justice to myself.


Prayer Before An Exam 

Dear Lord,

As I take this exam,

bring back to my mind everything

I have studied and be gracious with

what I may have overlooked.

Help me to remain focussed and calm,

confident in the facts and in my ability,

and firm in the knowledge that

no matter what happens today

you are there with me always.


Help me, not only with this test,

but with the many tests of life

that are sure to come my way.


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