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St Patrick's Mission Circle

has served the missionary church for over half a century in Africa, Brazil and the Caribbean.


From the beginning St. Patrick’s Missionary Society has depended on the faithful Catholic people of Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and the USA. Much of this generous support comes through our Mission Circle. In this way, our supporters become partners in mission with our missionary priests.


Through the Mission Circle our supporters become our Partners in Mission by:

  • praying daily and patiently offering pains and disappointments for the success of our missionaries' work;

  • making a financial contribution once a year.

In return the members of St. Patrick’s Missionary Society

  • offer three Masses each day and a Novena of Masses each month for all those, living and deceased, who are enrolled in the Mission Circle;

  • offer an additional Mass each day in November for the happy repose of deceased members and for all those whoe we are asked to pray for during the month of November;

  • pray daily in the Divine Office for all benefactors.


By enrolling yourself in our Mission Circle you can be assured that we will pray for you, not only now, but also after your death.

Every donation and prayer offered helps to build up the Kingdom of God and make the world a better and more peaceful place for all God’s people.


  • Join our Mission Circle or invite a family member or friend of the next generation to join and become a Partner in Mission. 

  • You will receive a membership card on which you can list your relatives and friends, living and deceased, whom you wish to be remembered in the Masses and prayers. 

  • Special Masses are celebrated each day for Mission Circle Members living and deceased. 

  • Your Mission Circle card is kept on file and is sent out each year for any additional names to added. 


Our communities all over the world remember in their Masses and Prayers all those enrolled in the Mission Circle. 


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