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Perpetual Enrolment


Mission Partnership is a prayerful way of marking a special occasion in someone’s life – a jubilee, retirement, birthday or other event.

Perpetual Memory for the Deceased is a prayerful way of offering sympathy and support to the family and friends of someone who has died.


The names of those enrolled are recorded in our “Book of Life” which is kept in St. Patrick’s in Kiltegan.


All those enrolled

  • Are remembered each day in three Masses offered by Society priests

  • Are prayed for each day in Society houses on the missions and in Kiltegan

  • Are included in a Novena of Masses each year.


Perpetual Enrolment Folder Details:

Soft covered folder: Choice of 4 colours: White, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue

Insert image may vary: Sacred Heart / Our Lady / The Holy Family (Inserts cannot be changed)

Dimensions of folders: 130mm x 178mm approx. (envelope provided)

Price: €10 each.

Cards are signed by a St. Patrick’s Missionary priest.

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