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How to use our Occasion Cards

Our Occasion Cards are a prayerful way of remembering someone in our daily Masses and prayers.


In the name of a friend, or in memory of the deceased, a donation is made to our missionary work. The friend or deceased in turn is enrolled in the Masses and daily prayers of our Society for one year.


How to use our cards:

The cards themselves are free; a donation is made only when the cards are used.


  • Order your cards.

  1. After you have ordered and received your cards, use them, as you need them.

  2. Write on the card the name of your friend or relative, living or deceased, whom you wish to enrol.

  3. Send the card directly to the person concerned. It is already signed by a St. Patrick’s priest.

  4. Send the names of people you have used the cards for and your donation to us using the Enrol option. More than one name can be enrolled at a time. Any donation is gratefully accepted, but we suggest £3 per card as a guideline.


Please note: This is not a ‘Mass Card’ for an individual Mass. The person enrolled is remembered in the Masses and prayers of the priests and students of St. Patrick’s Missionary Society for one year.


(Card dimensions: 155mm x 110mm)

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