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Mission Days UK 2020

The Mission Day is an opportunity for our missionaries to meet you, our supporters, tell you about our work, and also to thank you for helping us continue our work. This year, the annual Mission Day will be experienced Online on the 18th of July between at 10 am.

Hence this year, all our members, staff and supporters globally are invited. Together as one body, we the priests and benefactors of St Patrick’s Society will tune in at the same time but from different places and experience, visually and spiritually, inputs from our missionaries and staff. You also get a chance to display and listen to messages from other supporters.

Would you like to send a one-minute video of greeting and good wishes to our Missionaries? Do so by recording your video greeting on your phone and send to this number by WhatsApp: 00 44 234 7085816293. Kindly check this website for more details.

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