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Fundraiser and Fun!

St Patrick’s Missionary Society, Kiltegan:

We held our first golf fundraising day on Friday last, June 30th, in Baltinglass Golf Club. A big “Thank You” to our very kind sponsors – for sponsoring prizes, refreshments, teams, and tee boxes. Thanks to all the teams who travelled from near and far on the day to play. Thanks to our organisers behind the scenes and to Baltinglass Golf Club. Congratulations to the winning team and runners-up! We hope you all enjoyed the day and thank you very much for your much appreciated support of our work and mission.

Here are a few photos from the day…

In support of

St Patrick’s Missionary Society

On June 30th


Baltinglass Golf Club, Co Wicklow, Ireland


Tee-off: 7am to 4.30pm

Team of 4: €200 (including meal)

Format: Step-aside Scramble

Step-aside Scramble: All members of the team tee off. Then one of these drives is chosen to be used and that player stands aside and does NOT play the following shot. All other members of the team place their balls where the chosen drive ended up and play a second shot from this spot. From these second shots, one is chosen and that player stands aside and does NOT play the following shot. This sequence repeats until the ball is holed. Each team returns one score for each hole and the team with the lowest score for the round wins. 1/10 combined handicap.

To join in please contact (by June 23rd):

Bridget (in St Patrick's, Kiltegan) at Tel: 059 64 73600


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