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Today we remember the achievements of women. We also recognise the major obstacles that women face to achieve equal opportunities. Above all we celebrate the milestones in women’s rights and equality.

St Joseph’s Parish, Kirikiri, is situated in Apapa, Nigeria, near the mouth of the Lagos lagoon. The parish supports Youth and Women Empowerment through the establishment of a computer school and a bakery. The bakery and the youth projects were initiated by Fr Patrick Esekon SPS who was the parish priest of St Joseph’s Parish. The Jim Inglis Memorial Bakery remembers St Patrick’s Fr Jim English (1938-2018) who worked in the parish for eleven years. Fr Gastone Sakala (volunteer with St Patrick’s) is the new parish priest of St Joseph’s Parish and he will continue to work on the projects. St Patrick’s Missionary Society gives thanks for the incredible work of women and all they do in making our world a better place.


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