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January 6th 2023

Today, January 6th we celebrate one of the major Christmas feast days – The Epiphany of The Lord. It recalls the visit of the wise men (magi) who travelled from foreign lands to visit Jesus, the new-born child. They were searching for the secret of a holy and wholesome life and were led by the star to Bethlehem. Since that time, they represent the millions of ‘seekers’ who have found in Jesus Christ what their souls long for. May all those who are looking for the right path in our world today be led by the star to that simple birth in ‘the town of David’.

As it is the twelfth day of Christmas other traditions have also grown up around this feast. In Ireland it is known as Nollaig na mBan (Women’s Christmas) when traditionally all the women of the house could rest after the all the Christmas chores. Nowadays its significance has widened and it has become a celebration of all aspects of women’s lives. An old tradition that continues to illustrate the new life that came into our world through the generosity of Mary.

Image: The Epiphany by Eala Enamels (


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