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Priestly Ordinations 2024 - Kenya and Nigeria

We celebrate and pray for ten of our young students who will be ordained missionary priests on Saturday, June 1st. Two will be ordained in Kenya and eight will be ordained in Nigeria. It is a moment of great joy for our Society as we welcome ten new brothers into our missionary family. We pray that they will bring gospel joy into the lives of those they will minister to. May they be blessed with long, happy and fulfilled lives as members of St Patrick’s Missionary Society.


We give thanks for their families who supported them along the way. We also thank our supporters for making it possible to continue our missionary work in spreading the Good News.


Blessings to all on this joyous occasion.


Links to view the ceremonies are as follows:


Ordinations: Kenya at 10am, local time


Ordinations: Nigeria at 10am, local time


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