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The Shadow of the Cross

(Image: Crucifixion behind the altar in St Kizito’s Church, Chigoneka, Lilongwe, Malawi)

Somehow, as Christians, our eyes are drawn instinctively to the Cross.  But more so on Good Friday.

We look to Jesus and the shadow of his cross with tearful eyes as we try to imagine the great suffering and pain he endured for us.

We look to the cross with sadness, with sorrow, and with remorse.

But we also look to the cross with confidence, with serenity and with hope.

For just as the cross cast its shadow over all those who stood near Calvary, so too, we know that Christ’s life-giving death casts its saving shadow over all of us, redeemed by the wood of his Cross.

May the shadow of the Cross of Christ fall on all those areas of our lives and of our world that cry out for his saving redemption today. Amen


A Good Friday reflection from Fr Martin Mulholland SPS who is currently ministering in Malawi.



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