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World Environment Day 2021, Kenya

Fr Noel Brown reports from his parish in Kapsoya, Kenya, on World Environment Day which took place on June 5th.

“It was a spontaneous response to the invitation to care for the Earth from the young people of Kapsoya Parish in the Great Rift Valley of Western Kenya. Even a relatively small project of planting and caring for 30 new trees in the Parish compound was considered an exciting beginning to World Environment Day 2021. One of the Parish leaders Mr Simon Kinyuwa allocated where new trees could add to the beauty of the already well cared for area around the church. Seven able bodied young men arrived the evening before to prepare for the event. With picks, shovels, hoes and buckets in hand they headed out for the evening of hard work and preparation. Thirty holes were prepared and each doused with a few buckets of water in order to soften up the scorched earth. Four of the young women had volunteered to provide the water. All was ready for the actual day.

It was decided to start planting in the evening when the African sun had already lost some of its vigour. Fresh manure and already withered foliage which would be mixed with the soil was placed nearby together with the new trees. The planting of the trees took place with great care and plenty of banter, great enjoyment and fun – typical of a group of young people in the prime of their lives. The following day each tree was protected with wattle stick supports and mesh wire and a rota was prepared for the future by Batista, the youth chairman. Work will still have to be done in the weeks and months ahead to care for the newly planted trees and the watering of the plantation.

Afterwards the young people gathered to pray a little and enjoy a hearty meal together after a job well done!”

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16 juin 2021

Heart warming. Excellent work. X

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