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Inner Child Workshop - April 26th to 28th

As children, we are frail, dependent and vulnerable. The good moments of childhood as well as the moments when we experienced upset and hurt shape how we see ourselves and how we act and think as adults. The struggle with anxiety, the restlessness of spirit, the vulnerability to depressed moods, the habit of negative and critical thinking – these all flow from the childhood experience.


This workshop focuses on two aspects:


(1) developing a deeper understanding of ourselves and how unhealed parts of our childhood impact how we live today and


(2) practical ways we can aid the healing process, learn how to access the wisdom of the inner child and grow into a deeper peace with the wondrous gift our being.


The workshop consists of a mix of presentation in a conversational mode and individual practical and reflective exercises aimed at growth in self- knowledge and understanding – all done in a gentle, non-judgmental, confidential and supportive way.


The aim is also to arm participants with the tools to continue on the road of healing in the weeks and months ahead.


Date:  Friday 26 April 2024 - Sunday 28 April 2024 

Facilitator:  Donal Spring

Cost:  €250 - includes workshop + accommodation + meals 

To book your place, call 089 469 0508

A deposit of €50 is required to secure your place.

Retreat contact:

Michèle Sinnott 

Phone: 089 469 0508 



Dancing with the Gods - June 22nd to 28th

The Fool’s Dance Gestalt Company - 
The Paul Rebillot Group in Ireland present:
'Dancing with the Gods' - Experience the Healing Power of Myth.

This workshop is based on the proposal – promoted by Carl Jung, James Hillman and Joseph Campbell among others – that myths have deep psychological significance, that – as Hillman succinctly put it – 'myths show (us) our depth psychology in ancient dress'.  From this viewpoint a myth or legend that fascinates us, haunts us or strongly draws us in does so precisely because our unconscious recognises that there is a lesson within that particular story that we need to learn. If we can bring that story that seems so important to us into full consciousness, then we can begin to draw on the energies of those ancient patterns, cooperate with them, and live our myth forward to new awakenings.

'Dancing with the Gods' invites you to come to the workshop with a myth or a legend or a folk tale with a significant supernatural element from any culture that strongly attracts you. We will use a variety of creative approaches - including dramatisation, movement, art, music, ritual, meditation and Gestalt Process - to help you discover the deep meaning that this tale holds for you.  You will explore your personal world of mythology, not from the point of view of academic or aesthetic interest, but because it can serve as a reservoir of healing energy for yourself and for the world that you live in. No previous experience of drama or Gestalt Process is required. 


Date:  Saturday 22 June 2024 - Friday 28 June 2024 

Cost: €1200 - includes workshop, accommodation & meals

*A more detailed description of the workshop can be found at:

*To begin the booking process go to: and complete the on-line application form. When we receive this we will send you instructions for paying the booking deposit or full fee. IMPORTANT: Your place on the workshop is NOT booked until the deposit has been received.

*A limited number of bursaries may be available for those who are strongly attracted to the workshop but would find the full fee beyond their reach. If you have queries about this - or any other matter - you can contact us at

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