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St Patrick's Novena 2019

In preparation for St Patrick's Day, follow our St Patrick's Novena starting on March 9th. With a reflection for each day, it is a prayerful way to celebrate our patron Saint.

Day 1: March 9th

For my well-being and protection today, I call on the power of the Holy Trinity to surround me.

Prayer: Christ be with me, Christ within me.

Thank you God for my family and friends. Never let me forget that Jesus is also constantly with me as my friend and companion.

Most glorious Saint Patrick,

Apostle of Ireland, God’s instrument,

For bringing us the one true faith.

We pray you to implore Almighty God,

To share with us again the unsearchable riches of Jesus Christ.

That He would enkindle in our hearts the fire of His divine Love

That we would make His kingdom come

In our hearts, in our homes, and our communities,

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


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