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Update from Zambia and Malawi

Fr Samuel Mwathi Gichanga, our District Leader for Central Africa, sent us some photos taken earlier this month in Zambia and Malawi where St Patrick’s Missionaries work.

Fr Samuel: “In my time in Chipata Diocese (Zambia), I found huge help from the catechists that are working tirelessly throughout the week in centres where we can only get to visit now and again. We have dedicated men and women that voluntarily carry out their duties, sometimes in great difficulties. Fr David Chelimo and I visited several on-going projects in the diocese earlier this month that are funded by St Patrick’s: the installation of a new water pump; the building of three pit latrines; improving the condition of the Catechetical centre (painting of rooms and new kitchen equipment); the renovation of a nursery school where the children of the catechists learn, play and rest and also the mending the chapel building. The director of the centre and the catechists were very appreciative of these interventions.

Chikungu Catechetical Centre/Pastoral Centre of Chipata Diocese: Fr Xavier PSDP, Fr Mathias Banda, Chipata Diocese, catechists with their spouses, Fr Samuel Mwathi SPS in the center and Fr David Chelimo SPS on the right.

Above: The day before the feast of the Exaltation of the Cross (September 14th), St Patrick’s Missionaries Fr Samuel Mwathi Gichanga, Fr David Chelimo, Fr Martin Kavisu and Fr John Awoke picked the cross for Kalingalinga Parish, Zambia, which was made at Mua Cultural Centre in Malawi.

Above: Fathers Martin Reilly, Samuel Mwathi Gichanga, Frank Taylor and Martin McGowan members of Central Africa District Council.

Above: Newly ordained Fr John Awoke recently arrived in Mtengowanthenga Parish, Malawi, and was received warmly by Fr Patrick Byrne SPS.

Photos above: Fr James Brady, the parish priest of Muchenje Parish in Lusaka Archdiocese, Zambia, has helped several village churches through the support of St Patrick’s and friends. Kalolo outstation is still under construction. A borehole there was not successful but the people are hopeful that water will be found when they try again. A borehole was also sunk in St Martin’s outstation and parishioner Regina Munyansho shows us that this was a great success!

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